How To Manage Your Money Well: The 3 Essential Principles Of Personal Finance

I learned about personal finance through practice. And this experience allows me to advise you on how to manage your money well. Advice that allowed me to pay off a mortgage, create a 6-month precautionary fund and invest in life insurance and a PEA. While continuing to live as I wish.

Do you dream of not having money problems anymore?

Do you dream of early retirement?

Do you dream of financial independence?

So do I! (more…)


How To Make Your Dreams Come True: A Budget To Achieve Them All!

How to make your dreams come true The answer is obviously specific to each dream. But in addition to discipline and motivation, another tool will be of great use to you: a budget. Because money is a great lever.

We all have dreams, goals to reach.

We all want a better life, be it financial or simply a better being, feel good about our lives.

Why can’t we make our dreams come true? (more…)


Loan For Plastic Surgery

Whether breast augmentation, eyelid lift or Botox injection – the possibilities in cosmetic surgery are manifold. In most cases, the statutory health insurance does not cover the costs of the medical procedure. Cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed without medical indication. Therefore, health insurance companies usually refuse to cover the costs. Exceptions are sometimes made if the refusal to undergo cosmetic surgery would lead to severe mental or physical suffering. (more…)


No One Cares As Much About Your Money As You Do…

If you want to have healthy personal finances, you need to quickly incorporate a key rule. This rule will also be useful over time if you want to prepare effectively for retirement or if you are aiming for financial independence.

This article introduces the Commandments of Your Personal Finances series.

When it comes to personal finances and financial independence, there is one key point you need to be aware of and persuaded of. (more…)


Do You Know The Main Ally Of Your Estate?

Grow your capital, build your wealth, prepare for your retirement. Whatever your objective, your ally will always be the same: compound interest. They are the ones that will multiply your efforts. If you give them the time. Guided tour and detailed explanation.

With this article, I would like to answer these questions about compound interest:

  • how they work;
  • what they’ll get you;
  • how to use them quickly.

Follow the guide! (more…)


What Is Inflation? Inflation Explained With A Box Of Cereal

We talk about it regularly. But you have only a very vague idea of what it’s all about. And you ask yourself What is inflation? You’re doing the right thing. Because understanding it can help you to interpret the news or not give in to simplistic speeches. A little guide to inflation.

Let me tell you a little anecdote…

That night, I went shopping in my usual store, just like everybody else. I head to the breakfast section to get my favorite box of cereal. (more…)


Saving Or Investing? No, Save And Invest. The Virtuous Circle That Will Make You Happy.

Save or invest? No, save and invest. Why choose? Because in the end, these 2 actions are linked and feed each other. A little guide to make your savings grow and finance your projects.

Save or invest? No, save and invest. The virtuous circle that will make you happy.

Save or invest? Or save and invest?

Do you have to make a choice or do you have to combine the two? (more…)


How Does Debt Restructuring Work?

On all the credit sites on the net, debt restructuring is advertised as a panacea. One could save by lower interest rates and reduce the instalment burden, is for example regularly assured. Unfortunately, many of the information texts are not concrete enough. The inclined reader is not told what debt rescheduling is exactly, how it is carried out and what advantages and disadvantages are involved. This article fills the gaps.

Debt rescheduling involves replacing an existing debt with a new one. As a rule, this means that an old loan is paid off by a fresh loan. The hope here is that the interest rate on the new loan will be more favourable. Due to the lower costs, the borrower saves. In the search for the new loan, it is therefore essential to compare loans. This is the only way to really find the loan with the lowest interest rates and the savings fall as much as possible. (more…)


How To Become Financially Independent: The Basic Plan To Stop Depending On Income From Work

Becoming financially independent is a dream that many people cherish. To no longer depend on a job and to arrange one’s days according to one’s desires. But few people actually do it because they don’t have a plan. Discover a simple plan to become financially independent in 20 years maximum.

I find that the subject of financial independence comes up regularly either on blogs or in magazines under titles closer to “How to live without working” or “How to become an annuitant”.

In any case, the idea is the same: how to stop depending on income from one’s work? (more…)