Loan For Plastic Surgery

Loan For Plastic Surgery

Whether breast augmentation, eyelid lift or Botox injection – the possibilities in cosmetic surgery are manifold. In most cases, the statutory health insurance does not cover the costs of the medical procedure. Cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed without medical indication. Therefore, health insurance companies usually refuse to cover the costs. Exceptions are sometimes made if the refusal to undergo cosmetic surgery would lead to severe mental or physical suffering.

For example, a nose correction may be necessary to breathe freely or large breasts may be reduced in size for health reasons. Strictly speaking, reconstructive surgery must be distinguished from classical cosmetic surgery. It takes place in particular after an accident that has changed the external appearance. Pure cosmetic surgery, which serves to halt the aging process or to adjust the appearance to individual expectations, must be financed by the patients themselves.

a loan for plastic surgery

The credit from LENDER is a simple and uncomplicated way to organize the financing for the cosmetic surgery. After checking and approving the application, you will often receive the money paid out within an hour and start planning the cosmetic surgery. You will pay back the loan in monthly instalments, according to your financial possibilities. The terms are extremely short, 30 to 90 days, and thus lead to quick independence. Due to the short duration, it is common practice to pay off the loan in one sum at the end of this period. It is therefore a matter of postponing the payment date and paying low interest.

When is a loan for cosmetic surgery useful?

A loan is useful if you want to keep your capital and make monthly payments instead. Often your own assets are invested for the long term and are not available in the short term. The investment can be in the form of securities, a fund or real estate. If you now need money for the cosmetic surgery, you do not want to cancel the existing investment. The sale of the property would have personal disadvantages, the termination of savings contracts leads to financial losses.

Taking out a loan is an elegant solution to organize the financing. You do not have to intervene in the asset contracts and pay off the sum in instalments. The amount of the instalments should be chosen according to your own income. It is also common to take out a loan if you expect a large payout in the next few months, for example from a savings agreement or the sale of the house.

The payout is secure, but the money is needed at an earlier stage. The loan serves to bridge this time difference. Cosmetic surgery should be performed when the general conditions are ideal. Influencing factors are, among others, the health condition, the appointment calendar of the clinic and the vacation from work. A modern trend is the combination of cosmetic surgery with holidays. Some clinics abroad – for example in Mallorca – have specialised in foreign clients. They will have the plastic surgery performed and then you can relax in a beautiful environment. In this case, the date should also be coordinated with the season in order to obtain the ideal conditions for the holiday. LENDER will provide you with the required money promptly, so that you can act flexibly.

Advantages with a credit for a cosmetic operation via LENDER

LENDER has specialized in the fast and uncomplicated processing of credit applications. Both sides profit from this procedure, the process is transparent and fair. Among others, you benefit from the following advantages:

– Free credit calculator

With the help of the free credit calculator you can play through various scenarios. You select different terms and loan amounts and see what interest rates result. You then decide on the variant that best suits your financial possibilities. The use of the credit calculator is not binding.

– Fast credit with immediate processing, thanks to the Express option

LENDER checks your request and sends you a feedback directly. If the creditworthiness is sufficient and you have chosen the express option, then in case of approval of the credit application, the processing will take place within a short time and your application will be forwarded to the bank for payment. Long waiting periods of uncertainty are eliminated. You will be informed directly whether you can look forward to the money and book the cosmetic surgery.

– No long commitment due to fast repayment option

Short maturities are advantageous because you will have paid off the loan within a short period of time and then have no more obligations. You receive the money quickly and easily, and the repayment process is just as simple. However, make sure that the payment can be handled, the financial circumstances are decisive. Use the credit calculator to see how an increase in the term, for example by one month, affects the interest and the total amount.

– Thanks to short term and small loan amount only low interest

Compared to the purchase of a property or a car, the investment sum for a cosmetic operation is relatively small. In combination with a short term LENDER offers you low interest rates. The amount of interest is calculated from the loan amount, the term and the interest rate. The shorter the term and the lower the loan amount, the lower the interest costs.

What are the costs of cosmetic surgery in general?

The exact cost of cosmetic surgery depends not only on the type of surgery but also on the clinic chosen and the initial health conditions. In the following we have compiled an overview of the average costs to be expected. The values refer to operations carried out in Germany and also take into account – if necessary – the costs of hospitalisation. Some of the operations are performed on an outpatient basis, in other cases a stay in hospital of 1 to 3 days is planned. The selected clinic or the operating physician provides information on the exact background of the operations as well as on risks and side effects.

How to finance your credit for a plastic surgery

The credit application process is carried out in three simple steps:

– Choose the amount of credit

First you select the desired credit amount. The amount depends on the expected costs for the cosmetic surgery. If you would like to have the operation performed at a holiday resort, please also take into account the travel and accommodation costs.

– Submit a credit application

The application is made online at LENDER. You do not have to print out the application or sign it in the classical form. The signature takes place electronically. You save valuable time by not having to print out and send in the application. The application for the credit is directly available to the company and can be processed.

– Have it verified

Video verification is required to ensure that the credit application was actually made by the person named in the contract. All you need is an Internet-enabled smartphone, a stable Internet connection and an identity document, such as an ID card.

Requirements for a loan for plastic surgery at Lender

LENDER checks the creditworthiness of the applicants. For this purpose the cooperation with the Experian takes place. The Experian stores information regarding the past payment history and already existing or paid off credits. The score decides about the creditworthiness of the applicant. However, LENDER does not only rely on the Experian-Score for credit approval. Also persons, who were classified in the creditworthiness of the Experian in the category D or worse, can apply for a credit with LENDER and have a chance to get a credit. For the decision about a credit the following influencing factors exist above all:

  • Experian-Score
  • Level of regular income
  • Age of the applicant

LENDER demands under circumstances written proofs for made statements. If you have indicated the amount of your monthly income, it is usual to request salary statements for the last three months. However, the granting of credit does not require a permanent employment relationship. Especially in the lower sector, up to a loan amount of around 300 euros, it is also worthwhile for students, housewives or self-employed persons to apply for a loan. Higher sums are also possible, provided you have a corresponding income and appropriate proof. The self-employed can submit the income statements of the last two years to prove their income.

Credit for a cosmetic surgery with immediate processing

LENDER offers mini loans with immediate processing. You benefit from the flexibility that the loan gives you. Not only in the case of cosmetic surgery it is necessary that the money is available immediately. Many other things in life cannot be postponed either, or postponement would be to your own disadvantage. Do you want to travel spontaneously or would you like to buy a gift for your spouse? LENDER is in all emergency situations the right contact for the granting of credit.

Although it is possible to first save money for the vacation or plastic surgery and then to spend it, often the necessary waiting is not desired. If the appropriate opportunity presents itself, you would like to take advantage of it without having to save first. In the case of plastic surgery, you first have a detailed discussion with the clinic or doctor. You will learn how the operation is to proceed and when an appointment is possible. Now you will need the necessary money to have the operation performed. Thanks to LENDER you have this flexibility and are independent.