How To Make Your Dreams Come True: A Budget To Achieve Them All!

How To Make Your Dreams Come True: A Budget To Achieve Them All!

How to make your dreams come true The answer is obviously specific to each dream. But in addition to discipline and motivation, another tool will be of great use to you: a budget. Because money is a great lever.

We all have dreams, goals to reach.

We all want a better life, be it financial or simply a better being, feel good about our lives.

Why can’t we make our dreams come true?

What do we need to do to succeed?

What state of mind do I need to be in to move forward?

Be careful: thinking that realizing your dream(s) is not possible is preventing your brain from working. It is blocking it forever so that it cannot find the solution to your problem. It’s frustrating you.

What a pity!!

Finance is intimately linked to personal development, like it or not. Money, exchanges between people, are at the heart of our life, of our system.

Unless you live like a hermit, you can’t escape it.

To realize your dreams…

You can always increase your income. But it’s not easy, even if this solution is possible. It’s often simpler than we think. We all have knowledge, knowledge that others don’t, and it’s up to us to find out how to use it.

We can reduce our expenses and save money. But how do we do that? Many people complain that they can’t finish the month without being at zero or, worse, overdrawn on their bank account.

When something is close to your heart, whether it’s a trip or something else, it’s very personal, you have to give yourself the means to get it.

Often the only way to save money is to make a budget that is as accurate as possible.

A budget to make your dreams come true

I do this exercise every year in August, so that I can start September calmly with the arrival of taxes.

Why make a budget?

The advantage of having a budget is that it gives you peace of mind. It’s knowing where you’re going. It’s knowing your expenses, your fixed costs. It is to know the items of expenditure that can be reduced (insurance, gas, electricity, mobile phone etc…). It is often several hundred euros in savings.

A budget can make you aware of items of expenditure that you did not suspect and on which you can act immediately.

It’s a bit like keeping your accounts on a day-to-day basis and seeing what you spend in caf├ęs, magazines, bakeries or on digital products.

All these expenses can put a strain on your budget and prevent you from getting what you really want. Treating yourself to a trip to Mexico or Cuba, a cruise, an adventure raid is not financed in the moment, like the desire for a packet of cakes, a packet of cigarettes that you can very well do without, but on the medium and long term.

A well thought out budget will avoid unpleasant surprises. You will be able to meet all your deadlines because you will have automatically invested every month to meet your obligations.

Your “dream” budget will grow because you will make the effort to save, again automatically at the beginning of the month. Open a booklet specifically for this purpose.

A budget combined with active management of your accounts by automating as much as possible at the beginning of the month will allow you to achieve goals you hadn’t thought of.

Five tips

  1. Automate everything that can be done: automatic transfer of your fixed charges to a dedicated account.
  2. Spend less than you earn
  3. Be disciplined
  4. Be motivated
  5. Keep your goal in mind


In the title we have two opposite terms, “budget” in relation to money and “dream” in relation to the imaginary, the desire, projected onto something concrete.

However, the one does not go without the other: money is often a lever to achieve one’s dreams or simply to achieve one’s goals.

Personally, I envisage financial independence, or at least developing passive income through different levers and mechanisms.

The budget combined with an active management of my accounts allows me to envisage a relative success. “Relative success” because I am dependent on the performance of the investments of my choices.

In any case, a good budget that does not deprive you is the first thing to do to reach this objective that seems impossible today but will be tomorrow.

Does your budget allow you to reach your objectives? Do you have a budget? Do you think that a well constructed budget may be the key to reach your dream? Do you believe that your dream is impossible to achieve and have you permanently closed your brain?

About the author : Villy

My name is Villy, I am the father of three beautiful children, a stable professional and family situation. I run the blog ” Villy blog” which I set up more than a year and a half ago.

It is also a title that evokes a financially richer future, it is one of my objectives, the wish to develop my income to be able to finance my various projects of travels, real estate, etc…