Loan For Plastic Surgery

Whether breast augmentation, eyelid lift or Botox injection – the possibilities in cosmetic surgery are manifold. In most cases, the statutory health insurance does not cover the costs of the medical procedure. Cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed without medical indication. Therefore, health insurance companies usually refuse to cover the costs. Exceptions are sometimes made if the refusal to undergo cosmetic surgery would lead to severe mental or physical suffering. (more…)


How Does Debt Restructuring Work?

On all the credit sites on the net, debt restructuring is advertised as a panacea. One could save by lower interest rates and reduce the instalment burden, is for example regularly assured. Unfortunately, many of the information texts are not concrete enough. The inclined reader is not told what debt rescheduling is exactly, how it is carried out and what advantages and disadvantages are involved. This article fills the gaps.

Debt rescheduling involves replacing an existing debt with a new one. As a rule, this means that an old loan is paid off by a fresh loan. The hope here is that the interest rate on the new loan will be more favourable. Due to the lower costs, the borrower saves. In the search for the new loan, it is therefore essential to compare loans. This is the only way to really find the loan with the lowest interest rates and the savings fall as much as possible. (more…)